Thursday, 20 May 2010

Exciting times!

Welcome to the first post of my upcoming adventure: sailing from the UK to the Caribbean, following the trade winds across the Atlantic. There'll be 4 of us, sometimes less, depending on the leg.

Our skipper is Dave Morgan, an Atlantic veteran, whose yacht "Vega A" will be our home for a few months.

For me this is the adventure of a lifetime, and although I have my own boat and sail when I can, I've always wanted to experience blue water sailing.

The initial plan is as follows:

Sept 26th - 29th: Eastbourne (UK) to Falmouth (UK) - 220 miles

Sept 30 - Oct 4th: Falmouth (UK) to La Coruna (Spain) - 480 miles

Oct 9 - 16th: La Coruna (Spain) to Porto (Portugal) - 250 miles; Porto (Portugal) to Sines/Lagos (Portugal) - 500 miles

Oct 20 –27th: Lagos (Portugal) to Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) - 700 miles

Nov ?: Trans-Atlantic (TBA) to Barbados

I'll post a Google map of the planned route in the next day or two, so keep visiting for the latest updates.

Cheers for now...