Saturday, 2 October 2010

Falmouth Departure

The crew departed from Falmouth this morning (2nd Oct 2010) at 08:30 for A Coruña in Spain. Good luck intrepid adventurers, I pray the Bay of Biscay is kind to you.

The crew for this leg of the trip


  1. That spotter thingie is so cool, am keeping a close eye on it!!

  2. Look at Magda, so happy drinking wine...

  3. Hello David,
    Now looking out on you and crew. Good luck.
    From Eric

  4. Oh my GOD!!!! We did it guys!!!! I still can't belive it! I had to stop myself from screaming on the plane back 'home', couldn't stop smiling, so my face propably looked like insetad of lips I would have a french croisant stuck to my face :-))))) i can't belive it, after all that we went through. It is funny how some things struck us in the most unpredictable moments, and just after a while everything becomes clearer and gets into your head...and then your heart wants to scream when it realized all that freedom and power around. That was absolutely thrilling, purifying and terrifying experience ever. When waves were beseting us from nowhere and rushing over and under the boat, splashing salt and plankton on our eyes, lashing our faces ruthlessly! I havn't seen or been through anything like that in my life before, absolutely out of control! Poor Vega A a bit destroyed on the way fighting with gusts of merciless wind - she needs to be take care of now really good:-)
    I can't belive it, I stoped readind to write all my thoughts in my book on the plane having that banana smile on my face all the way till I got home.
    BRAVE GUYS!!!! Lots of respect for you running Vega A inspite of heavy rain and that howling, wispering, crazy wind and fluorescent plankton flying absolutely everywhere!
    And one can think why not to have it much easier - beautiful sun and ligth breeze? Not this time :-) Only four days on Bay of Biscay but feels like two weeks of constant strugle with nature and yourself. Even so I feel absolutely happy and puryfied. I have to admit, though, that somwhere I hoped for one day of heavy winds, just to see how it feels like far away from any land where you can rely only on yourself, with demanding weather conditions that pushes you to the limits - but this has passed my wildest boundaries! And if someone ask me would I do that again, I say YES (but maybe after some lazy sailing in the sun first).
    I hope for warm, sunny weather and sailing down the wind now, thanks once again and really, really, really regret I couldn't celebrate it with you this evening.
    ...from my room missing sounds of splashing water under the boat already...
    Brave, brave, brave!!!!

  5. Hej Madzia

    Powodzenia - Super przygoda :)